If you do not succeed, try again

Ever want to Getaway on your own or with your friends.. it is only natural

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I love the Caribbeans, warm weather, nice beaches, shops, stores… Aruba, Barbados, Cartagena, Cozumel, Curacao and St. Maarten  are among the highest-rated destinations in the Caribbean by guests.

Sample Pictures of the Caribbean http://1drv.ms/1IHQ7ka


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If you do not succeed, try again, do not postpone it to someday.. someday may be too late.. NCL  sometimes, off season, has special rates, rooms for singles too.. And there is great on board food at the free restaurants and it  is great too even such as  Clam chowder soup,  Onion Soup, Salmon, Braised Lamb, Braised Beef, Fried  Chicken  and great  deserts.


Did you want to Getaway , explore and not spending all your money to do so?  Cruising is one way to do so..  you pay for everything at one shot beforehand.. all meals in great restaurants on board are free..  the local shopping and taxis are extra.. Taxis are at 8 dollars to go from the ship to a free beach.. I like to buy T shirts at 5 dollars, towels at 18 dollars  and caps at 8 dollars. US



BUYER BEWARE AS THE MUCH TOO MANY LAZY WORKERS CANNOT BE BOTHERED TO GET YOU THE BEST PRICE.. ONE TRAVEL CONSULTANT TOLD ME THAT THEY WANTED TO BE  PAID EXTRA TO RESEARCH LOW PRICES. ANOTHER LIAR  SHE HAD TOLD ME SHE CAN MEET ANY PRICE, AND GET THE LOWEST PRICES GAVE ME NEXT EXTREMELY HIGHER QUOTES RATHER. BY THE WAY DO NOT TRUST THESE CHEAP AIR FLIGHT SITES , travel agencies, travel consultants,  nor even the airline sites, nor taxi drivers.... they are like the bad taxi drivers who want to get the most money they can  from you..  It seems many booking agents make around 3 percent commission or about  30 dollars per 1000 dollars sales so it would be to their advantage to sell you more costly items and not the best buy, cheapest price. .


My Best Photo chosen by NCL caribbeans 41  ba

In one travel firm One travel consultant passed me to another – the other consultant booked me on a wrong cruise.. – the third one promised the best price but did not  deliver.. i got it 150 dollars cheaper elsewhere. – one  wanted extra money to find a cheaper cruise.. you got to be kidding, I have got 6 reasonably priced cruises, mostly with one firm..  Even they next lied to me..  Do your own research  on the net first for a low price ..  Visit many sites too.. . Even when booking a plane you need to be aware-


I was able  to find return flight prices from $500 ( Flight Hub)  to  $988 and all claiming to be the cheapest price to Miami or Tampa.. When I had next had contacted a specific cheap flight internet site they  next had lied and told me all the cheap seats were sold even.. . The cheapest destination route for me is to go to NY , and the easiest too, and I take the greyhound bus from Montreal Friday night at 11,00 pm and I next arrive at New York NY at 8:00 am Saturday, with one stop in Albany, New York.. and I board the NCL  boat at the NY harbor at 1.00 pm Saturday. Bus price return here is 150 dollars for seniors. Met many people on the same bus are even cruising on the same boats too.. .


Now we can do a 7 day NCL  all paid cruise from Tampa, Miami to both the western and eastern Caribbean, for about 400 dollars per week plus taxes off season,  but 1000 dollars in season,


and  the plane trip from Montreal to Tampa, Miami, or San Juan return is only  500 -600 dollars too 




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Now I hate to rent a car, with a cruise you do not have too.. you  walk or take a taxi to the nearest BEACH, Shopping..  If you rent a car take  pictures  of it all before you rent it and after as well..

I have become really hesitant to rent a car with my credit card and so have many others too.
“ Anyone else victim of Hertz rental car return “damages” charge scam?  Hertz rental car “damages” scam in many countries is not unusual. This is outright fraud “
“Pretty much all rental-car companies require customers to pay with a credit card, in part so they’ll have the number on file in case they need to adjust your final bill. But many  lately have complained that Avis has taken advantage of this by putting charges on their cards long after the customers thought the transaction was complete. Many rental car customers have lately complained the company charged them for alleged damage to the vehicle long after it was turned in   Dropping off a rental car after hours can lead to an expensive surprise.”
Budget FOR EXAMPLE is a rip-off company.” BUDGET CANADA OFTEN OVER BUILD CUSTOMERS.   Kathy Tomlinson investigates a Budget Rent a Car in Vancouver. 4 former employees are going public with their claims that the scam to overcharge employees was systemic.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78VqARoIjig 
“Budget Rent a Car recently quoted Roy Bonney a $96 rate for a one-day rental from Norfolk to Washington. But it sent him a bill for $3,374.” He had a flat tire and no spare so he left the car at the side of the road and returned to the rental car DEALER.  so how in the heck can they blame him for not being able to return their car to them??  Bonney’s claim would have been dismissed in court due to the fact that he made every reasonable attempt to get the car back to them. It is not his fault that the car had no spare, and if it did … none of this would have happened. It might not surprise you to learn that car rental companies are falsely collecting for damages from their customers billing customers for everything from broken lights, mirrors, windshields  whether they’re responsible or not. And they’ve turned into a huge money maker for some  .
Too many complaints from car rental customers hit with unfair damage claims start in a  rushed initial inspections too. Joe Fitzpatrick,  in Fort Myers, Fla., remembers a car rental agent in St. Maarten who accused him of denting a car. “It had numerous small scrapes on the lower front and rear body panels,” he says. “When I returned the car, the person inspecting the car claimed that many of the scratches were new. He told me they would need to repaint the panels and started talking about what it was going to cost me.”
“I cannot believe when you rent a car, you are responsible for something as small as a scratch as this which I believe is part of normal wear and tear a car goes through. Normal wear and tear should be built into the cost of doing business. It shouldn’t be their main  profit center. “ … too bad people are getting ripped off by car rental companies to the point it had to make the  NEWS ..

Caribbean Cruise Dec 2015 V

Caribbean Cruise Dec 2015 II

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Caribbean Cruise Dec 2015

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Free too…  I love the Caribbean, warm weather, nice beaches, shops, stores…